Bringing Peace

Creating Peacemakers


1. Non-Sectarian Court Mediation Program

-Non-sectarian mediation for Small Claims matters in Los Angeles County Superior Court

-Using a diverse group of trained mediators

-Utilizing a non-sectarian court mediation process

-Mediations conducted in courthouses


2. Non-Sectarian Community Mediation (for those not professing Christianity)

-Using a diverse group of trained mediators

-Utilizing a non-sectarian mediation process

-Mediations conducted in the CCR office or other appropriate locations


3. Peer Mediation Program called SCRAM.  Student Conflict Resolvers and Mediators.


4. Scripture Based Mediation (for those professing Christianity)

-Mediation integrating biblical principles

-Using a diverse group of trained mediators who profess the Christian faith


5. Conflict Consulting – Informal process of conflict resolution by coaching

Training – 32 hours of negotiation and mediation skills


Continuing education opportunities for mediators


Seminars and training in personal peacemaking skills


Mentoring and hands-on mediation experiences


Standards of participation and conduct for all conciliators



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